The company at a glance

GFD Finanzkommunikation was founded in 1995 in Frankfurt am Main, is owner-operated and network independent. With five partners at present and a staff of approximately 20, GFD Finanzkommunikation is a well established boutique agency specialising in financial communications. 

Our two main areas of business are Public Relations for asset managers and financial service providers, and Investor Relations for public companies. Our spectrum of consulting services focuses on strategic communications including management coaching.

Our work always centers upon the needs and requirements of our clients in a long-term and trustful working relationship.

„What you see is what you get“:

Our corporate philosophy calls for at least one of the management team to play an active role in supporting each and every one of our clients. Every one of the partners has over 15 years experience on capital markets and access to a comprehensive and reliable network spanning the entire financial community. 

Solutions made to measure:

The unique background and professional experience of each partner provides GFD Finanzkommunikation with a comprehensive knowledge matrix, which in turn allows us to develop personalised solutions to fit your needs.


Strategies, campaigns and contents are always designed and created by GFD Finanzkommunikation in-house. When necessary, technical solutions and implementations are carried out by experienced and capable partners with a long track record of solid cooperation.